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Reading Locksmiths has been offering various forms of locksmith services for the folks in Reading for many years. We take pride in in offering a wide range of locksmith services and solutions to our clients and the fact that most of them get satisfied with the work of our technicians at different levels. We are a trailblazer in offering not only the basic locksmith services of cutting keys but we also go with the times by dealing in high-tech electronics that provide security and act as repositories of valuable materials.

Work at Reading Locksmiths never stops because emergency situations don’t cease and our duty is to be there for our clients. We have a 24 hour emergency call centre that operates from our office as well as online. Our greatest consideration is the quality of services that we afford our clientele. . We deal with a variety of emergency situations where the quality of locks has been compromised or the client has accidentally lost or misplaced their car or house keys.

Genuine 24 hour emergency locksmith service - our fleet of vans are fully equipped with spares and key cutting facilities. Wherever possible we gain entry without damage to keep cost low.

We use the latest manual and computerised key cutting machines with traditional locksmithing skills.

We supply quality brands, including:
Grundmann, Chubb, Kaba, Union, Silca, Mul-T-Lock, Simplex, Master, Unican, Churchill Safes, Garrison, Yale, Iseo, Fuhr, Vachette, Viro, Ingersoll, Adams Rite

What most people imagine when they lose their car or house keys is that a person will find the keys and magically know where they live or park their cars, and then they would come and rob them inside the house or steal their cars. The fact is that this is such a movie and we wouldn’t tell you this will happen so that you hire our services. All you need to do when you have lost your keys to the car or house is to call Locksmith Slough customer care division which is on 24/7 and order the service of our technician. One would be sent to your location right away and you won’t even have time to worry about the possibilities.

Dealing with such emergency situations however, is just a small fraction of what we offer at Locksmith Slough. The variety of service offered goes way beyond that. We offer automotive locksmith services which includes recovery car keys that have been locked inside a car, residential locksmith service which involves the supply and installation of burglar proof bars, grilles, gates, CCTV among other services. Commercial locksmith services are also offered by our company. This involves the installation of safes, CCTV, sensors, alarms, intercom systems among other features.

This actually means that we offer a number of services that cater to individuals as well as companies. This fact goes against the common misconception that locksmiths only deal with cutting keys though that is still a basic locksmith service that we also offer. We have moved beyond the old fashioned meaning of the word and are now offering locksmith services that are driven by technology and this makes the work much easier and faster for our clients. The services we offer, even the most high-tech- are installed in one day. This means that when our clients ask for a certain locksmith service, we provide it on the same day of order so that they start using it immediately. 

We have a dedicated website where our clients both potential and actual can view the services that we offer and choose one that fits their needs. Call our customer services and tell us your door or lock need and we would give you the best offer.

Reading Locksmiths, 1/563 Basingstoke Road, Reading, RG2 0SJ 

Tel: 0118 907 0433